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After spending more than 20 years as a communications and brand strategist – she realized that what she always just thought was her “superpower” in the boardroom was actually a Divine Gift.  After what she refers to as a “bitch slap from the Universe” Mia began her healing journey or as we like to say, she started doing the work. In doing the work, she discovered her purpose is to help people remember their power and the divinity in them. 


As an intuitive reader (Akashic, Tarot,

Oracle and Channeler), Reiki practitioner and Spiritual Coach, Mia provides people with the opportunity to connect with spirit, discover their purpose, heal spiritual wounds and gain insight on their path (past, present, future). Oh, and you are guaranteed to laugh and have a great time in the process. 


She is mom to a Goddess-in-training named Jade, seeker of soul wisdom, lover of love and a firm believer that GOD exists in all of us. 


Mia and Christie met for an intuitive reading session and developed a friendship which evolved into the Two Queens & Crystal Things podcast. 


As a teenager, Christie found herself connecting to spiritual realms with very little understanding. For years she fought to be “normal” but after finding herself on failed marriage number two, instead of pointing the finger outside, she decided to point inward and is where her spiritual journey officially began. She used this time to get reacquainted with herself, heal from past hurts, live fully in her truth and finally stop running from her purpose. 


As part of her healing journey, she became a certified crystal healer. Her practice allows her to utilize the healing energy of crystals, her intuition and communication with her clients’ higher self and their guides to assist in their healing while living her life’s purpose, which is to graciously serve all humankind in their spiritual walk. She also provides Oracle readings and energy work using Angelic Reiki.


After meeting Mia for a reading, they both developed a friendship which evolved into the Two Queens & Crystal Things podcast. 

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